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How to run an editathon

A guide for how (and why) to run a Wikipedia Editathon

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You will find many details on how to run an Editathon as: What you should have beforehand. Ways to advertise an editathon. What to do during and afterwards.

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An editathon can be: a scheduled time where people edit Wikipedia together, whether offline, online, or a mix of both; typically focused on a specific topic, such as science or women's history; a way to give newcomers an insight into how Wikipedia works. 

Editathons improve the encyclopedia and can be a great way to help new Wikipedians learn to edit. This is quite different from large conferences such as Wikimania, which often have multiple speakers or panels about a huge variety of topics. An editathon is also unlike a regular meetup, which tends to be without a single goal and/or for socializing. 

We recommend this guide for how (and why) to run a Wikipedia editathon: you will find many details as: 

  • Why run an editathon?
  • What you should have beforehand
  • Ways to advertise an editathon
  • During an editathon
  • What to do afterwards


Educational and professional opportunities: Editathon helps improve european key competence such as: 1 Literacy competence: 4 Digital competence; 5 Personal, social and learning to learn competence; 8 Cultural awareness and expression competence