openedu Project

By Wikimedia Argentina


Wikimedia project about human rights

Since 2016 Wikimedia Argentina has been carrying out the Wiki Human Rights project, which aims to edit content on Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects in order to build memory in digital territories.

In its beginnings, the project started thinking locally, which is why it was named Wiki Lesa - taking up the notion of Lesa Humanidad - proposing the edition, updating and creation of content in the Spanish Wikipedia on the process of reopening the trials for crimes against humanity occurred during the last civil-military dictatorship in Argentina of the 70' and the 80'. This justice process has taken place in Argentina since 2005. From this experience Wikipedia became a digital territory from which it was proposed to think about the present by building memory (haciendo memoria). The project was carried out in coordination with civil society organizations, human rights defenders, journalists, researchers, human rights organizations and survivors. 

In 2018, the project was extended to implement it at a regional level, which is why its name was changed to Wiki Human Rights, and the experience was tooked to 7 countries in the region: Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Paraguay and Argentina. In each of these experiences we considered it important to articulate and place the training spaces in the Wikipedia editing process together with the local communities of Wikimedians, institutions and civil society organizations specialized in the subject.