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By Wikimedia Foundation

Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom

Bringing Wikipedia into the schools

Last year, the Education team at the Wikimedia Foundation launched the Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom pilot in 3 pilot countries: Bolivia, Morocco, and the Philippines. They worked with local coordinators from the Wikimedia affiliates in each country to provide an online professional development opportunity to close to 1000 secondary school teachers with a localized curriculum that aligns Wikipedia with UNESCO’s Media and Information Literacy framework.

This project will connect teachers to the communities and practices behind Wikipedia.

It will help both educators and students develop vital information literacy skills for the 21st century: understanding how information is produced, how to evaluate the integrity of knowledge, and how to understand biases and knowledge gaps in the information they consume.

To achieve the project's objectives, schools will benefit from:

  • Localized materials for teachers on how to use Wikipedia and develop critical reading skills.
  • Teacher development training for selected teachers in the use of the kit.
  • Ongoing support from local coordinators for teachers implementing these resources and practices in their classrooms.
  • Professional development recognition for participating teachers and schools.
  • Integration into Wikipedia's international network of education leaders.

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