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Wikipedia in medicine

Medicine students edit Wikipedia

Involve students to improve and create Wikipedia articles on medicine.

The project started in 2011 with the School of Medicine in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the context of the elective course Medical Education. 

Every year Konstantinos Stampoulis was giving a lecture on Wikipedia and medicinal content in Wikipedia.

The students were given the assignment to create or translate from english (the most usual choice) an article in Greek Wikipedia. 

The managers of the project had a precompiled list of articles from english wikipedia, sorted by quality, importance, length and difficulty. 

The students were encouraged to create small teams of 2-4, choose an article and each student translate some part of the article and correct parts translated by the rest. In this way the managers of the project managed to make them understand the collaborative nature of Wikipedia and also create much better articles than what they would have if they had asked one article per student. The students had some online assistance from "wiki ambassadors" (experienced users who volunteered) but most of them did not need much of it. Results were graded by examining the onwiki contributions of each individual student/user (not per team).