openedu Project

By Wikimedia Argentina

Wikipedia in your university

Training sessions at university.

This project develops 3 training sessions (3 days of work) for university students and professors. It offers an intensive session about Wikimedia and its projects, later detail about the edition of content in Wikipedia. Particular interest: creation of projects that can support the research done by the classes that get involved with our program. Aim: encouraging professors and students to use the Wikipedia platform as another space to consolidate debates and content within the academic world.

How is it organized?

  1. Initial space for exchange with the chairs and research teams.
    We get to know the work of each team and the contents/topics they study/research.
    We think together how to implement the project in the specific subject and we define the work times.
  2. Research work and elaboration of the content to be added.
    Each team of teachers and students researches Wikipedia analyzing which articles exist and which are missing on the topic they want to work on. They select the articles to create or improve and work on the search for reliable sources to build the contents.

    From the Education and Human Rights Program, the process of article selection is monitored and various tutorials are provided to the chairs to begin to learn about the editing tools.

    3. Final editing workshop
    In a final meeting with all participants, we held a workshop where we worked on Wikipedia, its operation, the principles of Free Culture and editing tools.

    Finally, each group uploads the elaborated contents to the encyclopedia.

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