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Wiki Science Competition

The international science photo contest

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Content Licence: CC BY SA

Wiki Science Competition is an international scientific photo competition organised by the Wikimedia community. The annual competition is open to all and participants must create science-related images and upload them under a free license. It is impossible to imagine our culture without science. And in the visual world we live in, it's not enough to talk about science; you have to see it.

Robert Kamalov, Irina Dorosheva, Alexander Vokhmintsev, Ilya Weinstein - CC BY SA

Participate Check here the competition calendar in the countries that have an organizing team for this annual competition. For all countries without an organizing team, the upload time is November 15 to December 15.

You can participate in the following six categories:

< People in Science - Scientists in their natural habitat

< Microscopy images - Optical, electron, and scanning probe microscopy images all fall under this category.

< Non-photographic media - Audio and video files, computer-generated imagery, etc.

< Image sets - Thematically linked images, that can be viewed as one set. Image set could be made up from up to 10 separate images.

< Wildlife & nature - Organisms who grow or live wild in an area. Macro photography also falls under this category.

< General category - Everything else goes into this category, from archaeology to thermodynamics and from volcanology to astronomy.

Educational and professional opportunities: Wiki Science Competition helps improve some European key competence such as Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology, engineering; Digital competence; Citizenship competence; Cultural awareness and expressive competence.