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The web site allows you to locate Swiss cultural institutions and get information. The map is generated by extracting the geographical coordinates from Wikidata and connecting the information from Wikipedia.

The interactive geographic map is an additional incentive for the user who can immediately identify the missing items on Wikipedia and provide new contributions to enrich free knowledge.

You will find several interactive maps to explore as:

  • Swiss Museums 
  • Swiss Archives
  • Archives CH-AT-DE
  • Museums CH-DE-AT
  • Museums CH-DE-AT-IT-FR
  • Swiss railway stations
  • Swiss castles
  • Roman thermal baths
  • Libraries CH-LI-DE-AT


Educational and professional opportunities: WMCH Map Service helps improve european key competence such as: 2 Multilingual competence; 6 Citizenship competence; 7 Entrepreneurship competence; 8 Cultural awareness and expression competence.